Our Work with the Widowed Community

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are over 14 million widowed individuals nationwide. Unfortunately, many never played an active role in their family’s finances.

Strategic Wealth Advisors understands it can be an overwhelming process. Our advisors have a combined 70 years of experience helping individuals with every aspect of their finances including locating important documents and prioritizing planning issues. Our team plays a vital role in analyzing assets and liabilities, budgeting, reviewing state laws and taxes, preparing for college education, retirement, children, grandchildren and other life events.

With a significant number of our clients widowed, Strategic Wealth Advisors has the expertise and knowledge to help you during this time of need.

Since we understand each client’s needs and objectives are different, Strategic Wealth Advisors offers two options for working with widowed individuals.

One-time Consultation: A one-time consultation gives you a chance to sit down face-to-face and get organized. We will help you locate important documents, set up a record keeping system, determine which documents need attention immediately, evaluate assets and liabilities, and identify ways to achieve and maintain financial security. Fees are typically based on an hourly project rate. 

  On-going Support: This program was designed to help widows navigate the financial planning and investment management process. We will begin with a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of your financial situation. Our team can help you prioritize, budget, manage cash flow and investments and act as your financial coordinator by reviewing documents from accountants, attorneys and insurance agents. We also work with you to set and monitor attainable, realistic and measurable financial goals.

In addition to providing customized services, Strategic Wealth Advisors also offers an array of support services for the Widowed Community.  Please visit our  Widowed Community Initiatives page to read more. 


Download a copy of our Widowed Community E-Brochure. 

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