Widowed Community Initiatives

In addition to our financial planning and investment management services, we can connect you with grief support groups, counselors, accountants and attorneys. We understand the grieving process takes time and we will be here every step of the way to help with your financial well-being.

   Financial Challenges Facing Bereaved Spouses or Partners

This complimentary and proprietary e-Book provides real life stories and valuable lessons related to money and finances.  Download your copy of this free E-book.

    Grief Support Groups

Senior Advisor Jim Schwartz, has been instrumental in establishing several peer-to-peer grief support groups in the Valley for the widowed community. He has modeled the groups using research done by Dr. Phyllis Silverman, author of Widow to Widow.

   Financial Tools for the Recently Widowed

In addition to establishing grief support groups, Jim has also authored and maintained  WidowedCommunity.com, an educational site offering a blog and financial tools and checklists for affluent widows and widowers.

   Widowed Community Conference

Strategic Wealth Advisors sponsored several annual conferences to bring the widowed community together. Widows and widowers nationwide were able to network and attend seminars on a variety of topics such as coping with loss, grieving children, dating and new relationships, making your money last, estate planning and more. Our own Jim Schwartz founded and coordinated this valuable event.