WealthBuilder™ Program

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WHAT is SWA's WealthBuilder™ Program?

WealthBuilder™ can best be described as “technology with a personal touch”.  Our program brings the human touch to technology by combining custom, digitized investing with personalized one-on-one planning.

This unique program aims to empower young adults to gain control of their financial future and give them a head start on their journey to building wealth.

As the lead financial advisor for the program, Matt Masin, CFP® is passionate about giving young adults the best chance at success in both their financial and personal lives. He understands the desire for financial advice that is personalized, technology-driven, and affordable.

WHO is a candidate for the WealthBuilder™ program?

Primarily young adults or anyone who is:

  • In the early stages of their career
  • Saving but uncertain what to do next
  • Unsure of their financial course and ready to chart one
  • Looking for more than computerized investing and financial advice via Google
  • Willing to commit some time and money to the process

HOW can WealthBuilder™ help me?

Our WealthBuilder™ program can help address just about any financial matter you are facing! We start with a broad overview of various areas of planning then dive deeper into those issues concerning you the most.  We then check in at least once a year or as things come up.  We have helped our clients with concerns such as:

  • Saving for a rainy day
  • Evaluating saving and retirement plan options
  • Assessing student loans
  • Buying a new home or a car
  • Establishing a spending and savings plan
  • Evaluating job benefits
  • Starting a business
  • Budgeting for a wedding or other life event
  • And many others!

HOW does this program compare to others?

The BEST part of our program is that you have a dedicated financial advisor to help you navigate the various aspects of your financial life. Although we utilize technology to streamline administrative and investing functions, financial advice is delivered personally by an experienced professional, not a computer or customer service representative answering an 800 number.

Here’s a snapshot on how WealthBuilder™ compares to other digital offerings:


  • Dedicated Certified Financial Planner ® to deliver personalized advice 
  • Direct phone number and email address for time-sensitive questions
  • Financial planning beyond investment management
  • Quick response times
  • Monthly subscription-based fee


  • Technology
  • Investment Management


  • 800 phone number and general email
  • Limited basic financial planning, if any
  • Long response times (sometimes weeks)
  • Complicated fee structures

WHAT does WealthBuilder™ cost?

That’s the good news!  Our subscription fee model makes WealthBuilder™ affordable for those who typically would not have access to such individualized services.  For as little as $300 SWA can assess your needs and get you started.


HOW do I get started with WealthBuilder™?

So we can ensure that our services are tailored specifically to you, our program is highly selective.  Contact us today to learn more or to see if you are a candidate!

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