Our Investment Philosophy

   Diversification and Risk Minimization

We believe it is important to have exposure to various segments of the market to minimize the risk inherent in your overall portfolio. How assets are invested (“Asset Allocation”) plays a crucial role in designing your portfolio. 

   Disciplined, Long-Term Approach

This year’s high fliers may be next year’s disappointments and vice versa. Rather than chasing returns and trying to “time” the market, we establish a long-term plan and follow it in a disciplined manner. 

   Ever-Changing Needs and Economies

Your financial situation is just as dynamic as the markets. While we employ a disciplined approach, “buy and hold” does not mean “buy and forget”. We realize things can and will change and will adjust your portfolio for tactical strategies and changing goals. 

   Tax and Cost Efficiency

Taxes and other costs can eat away at the bottom line. Our knowledge of taxation and close attention to management and transaction fees ensures that investment decisions are only implemented after carefully considering their impact to your portfolio. 

   Reasonable Return Expectations

The markets are impossible to predict. However, we believe it is possible to set reasonable expectations and seek to do so with each of our clients.